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All In Solutions New Jersey on What to Look for in Christian Rehabs

Aug 9

Finding a Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Program: What to Look for

All throughout history, men and women seeking help for addiction and alcoholism have looked to spiritual direction. Numerous new approaches aiming at correcting the addictive person's behavioral patterns have become more widely used as medical knowledge has increased and addiction is now recognized as a disease of the mind. Nevertheless, a lot of Christian drug rehab centers and faith-based rehabilitation programs continue to provide addiction therapy that is founded in a spiritual cure. When looking for a faith-based addiction treatment program, there are a few things to look for if you're interested in Biblical principles-based recovery.

Christian leadership with experience

Any treatment program's counselor or group facilitator who interacts with the patients is among its most crucial components. Treatment regimens that are based on faith are also common. The pastor, therapist, or counselor in charge of the program should have a strong commitment to and background in Bible teaching. But it's also crucial that this individual possess knowledge of coping with addiction. First-hand knowledge is especially valuable since those with personal experience with addiction may be better able to relate to clients than clergy who lack such experience.

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Possibility of Using Other Recovery Tools

The best faith-based addiction treatment facilities combine conventional therapy techniques with Christian counseling. These programs provide clients the ability to develop themselves on several levels and raise their chances of success following treatment by integrating 12-step fellowship and Biblical recovery concepts with evidence-based therapies like CBT and DBT.

Accreditation of Addiction Treatment

Finding a program with a solid reputation and the necessary certification and accreditation cannot be understated. Unfortunately, the fact that addicts are so susceptible makes it possible for evil actors to try to take advantage of them. You may avoid being used by dishonest providers who are just interested in making a profit off of you by choosing a rehab that is certified by the Joint Commission, or at the very least the state-specific treatment regulating organization.

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What Consequences May Some Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Programs Have?

Pastor Daniel Cornide of All In Solutions New Jersey Christian Rehab Program gave this advice when asked about what to watch out for while looking for a reputable Christian recovery program.

"I believe there has been a shift, particularly among Christians or the Christian church as a whole, to view addiction as a condition that is solely and purely spiritual. In contrast, a comprehensive approach to addiction is preferred. We identify a biopsychosocial spiritual model of addiction using a holistic approach. This entails recognizing that there is a biological element to this—specifically, that hereditary factors contribute to alcoholism and addiction. It entails recognizing that mental health is a factor. Additionally, it entails recognizing that it has a social component. Therefore, even while spirituality is a very big aspect of addiction, it isn't the only factor.

On the other hand, there has been a desire to just pray the addiction away. Now, I'm not arguing that I reject the idea of deliverance, in which the urge and addiction are immediately removed. That's what took place for me! I still had a lot going on in my life, though, and it needed my attention. I was still dealing with issues including insecurity, failed relationships, a dysfunctional family, and familial alcoholism. I believe that's why it's crucial to be aware of these external forces.

People who claim, "I love the Lord, but I can't stop drinking," have been encountered by me. The fact is that whether or not you drink has nothing to do with how much you love the Lord. The addiction cycle enters the picture at this point. When you're caught in the same vicious cycle of addiction, your brain experiences neurological effects. I firmly think that, as stated in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, spiritual malady accounts for 95% of the problem. But there's more to it, which the Christian community frequently ignores."

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